Applications & Forms

Here’s what you will need to submit a complete application

  • Organizational documents if the property owner is not on title as an individual, i.e., Trust documents showing the ‘powers of the trustee’ to encumber the property
  • Current mortgage statements or other evidence that mortgages or any other loans secured by the property are current, including equity loans and open equity lines of credit even if balance is zero or line of credit is unused
  • Your contractor’s estimate
  • Equipment Specifications Form
  • Previous twelve months of energy use (PGE Download Instructions)
  • Most recent, complete utility bill
  • Energy audit report for non-residential properties

Other Requirements

  • Attend a Property Owner Seminar to learn about our mPOWER financing
  • For non-residential properties, documentation from your energy auditor or contractor showing that the installation of the financed improvement will generate a net positive cash-flow
  • The amount financed cannot exceed the value of the property’s equity
  • A net positive cash-flow must be demonstrated in order to qualify for financing for on‐site renewable energy projects such as solar, some exceptions may apply

A list of fees is available on the Fee Schedule. Find the eligibility calculation with estimate of annual payment.

mPOWER Applicant Forms:

mPOWER Applicant Tools and Resources:

Use Adobe Acrobat Reader to work with the forms. If you do not have Acrobat Reader, download it for free from Adobe.

Contractor Forms:

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