Fee Schedule

Fee schedule effective September 15, 2018

Annual Financing Charge 6%
Residential Processing Fee i $1,700
Non-Residential Processing Feei $2,500
(Building permit fees are charged by local jurisdiction)ii  
Desktop appraisal tool (only if needed) $12
Multiple Disbursement Fee (after first disbursement) $60
Recording Fees, depending upon county iii $64 – $74
Prepayment Fee (plus associated recording fees)iv $150
Annual Administration Fee $50

i One-time fee will be added to the contract amount at the time of disbursement of funds.

ii Improvements not requiring a Building Permit from the local jurisdiction will be inspected by qualified mPOWER staff.

iiiThe actual recording fee will depend on the total number of pages included in the final recorded documents. The amount set is determined by legislation and the County Recorder’s Office.

ivmPOWER does not have prepayment penalties. The fee is associated with a third party preparation of the paydown/payoff calculation and is a pass through charge.

For more information, please contact:
2510 Warren Drive, Suite B
Rocklin, CA 95677
Toll free: (877) 396-7693
Phone: (916) 758-8969
Email: mpower@pioneercommunityenergy.ca.gov

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