Start saving money on energy and water use while improving the comfort of your home!

mPOWER offers financing for up to 100% of your project costs with a fixed-interest rate and terms up to 20 years for many improvements. Financing is available for a furnace and air conditioner, energy efficient windows, or even a solar photovoltaic system. See Residential Eligible Improvements for more improvements mPOWER may finance.

Residential Property Qualifications

  • Applicants must be the legal owner of the property
  • Property must be developed and located in Placer or Nevada County, or the City of Folsom (new construction is not currently eligible)
  • Property owner must be current on property tax payments and has not been in default for the past three years
  • Property owner must be current on mortgages with no notice of default for the last five years
  • Property owner must not have a record of bankruptcy for at least five years since date of discharge
  • Property cannot be subject to bankruptcy
  • Property cannot have any involuntary liens
  • Property owner will need to attend an mPOWER seminar as part of the application process

mPOWER financing can include project costs

mPOWER can finance costs related to the actual project. Talk to an mPOWER Program Specialist about what can be included:

  • Energy Audits
  • Program related costs
  • Design, drafting and engineering
  • Permit and inspection fees
  • Labor
  • Materials

In most cases the total financed amount cannot exceed 9.99% of property value plus improvements and cannot exceed the property equity. Use the Eligibility Calculator to evaluate your home and project. Contact an mPOWER Program Specialist for more information.

Before starting a Residential Project…Learn what improvements can be done!

There are many ways to reduce energy use and utility costs. An energy audit through the California Home Energy Rating System (HERS) Program can help homeowners choose smart energy improvements and investments that will save energy costs, improve home comfort, and protect the environment. To learn more, CalCERTS: An Introduction to Home Energy Rating Systems.

Additional Resources

For rebate and incentive programs, visit the Rebates page

A Note About Solar – Reduce Before You Produce!

Generating solar power is an excellent way to reduce utility costs. Leverage what solar offers by making the home as efficient as possible first. An efficient home requires a smaller solar system to generate power, which means the system will:

  • cost less
  • be paid off more quickly
  • have a faster return on investment

Additional Solar Resources

Going solar in Roseville: What you need to know
PG&E and Net Metering: Frequently asked questions about net metering, what it means and how it works.
Solar Tax Credit: The IRS has information on the residential solar tax credit and how to claim it.

Looking for a contractor?

The Placer County Contractors Association Directory  or the Nevada County Contractors Association Directory can help with finding a contractor for your project. Online service referrals can also help you locate a contractor, or check with friends and family members as well.

To check a contractor’s or home improvement sales person’s license, visit the Contractors State Licensing Board.

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