$2 Million in Savings

May 25, 2012  |   Posted In Uncategorized

$2 Million in savings is projected over the next 25 years from the 1.7 acre, 450 panel solar photovoltaic system installed at North Auburn’s Gold Country RV Park . The nearly $500,000 project secured financing from mPOWER in mid February, with approximately $330,000 coming from mPOWER financing and $150,000 from a Federal tax grant. To further reduce the initial cost of the system, park owner John Grant anticipates additional tax and depreciation savings.

The 66-site park is located on K.O.A. Way off Highway 49 in North Auburn and operates at near capacity year round. “We’re a big-rig park and those big RVs draw lots of power,” said Grant. Adding, “We’re able to achieve carbon-pollution offsets because the power we consume with the solar system doesn’t have to be generated elsewhere.” Approximately 60 percent of the park’s electrical needs are expected to be provided by the system.

Prior to installation of the solar photovoltaic system the park owner completed a number of retrofit projects, including several HVAC units and interior lighting in the recently remodeled clubhouse, and a new pool heater and pump.

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