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mPOWER Assessment Payoff

mPOWER has no prepayment penalties. Property owners can pay-off their assessment at any time.


If you would like a payoff estimate, please email Because mPOWER assessments are placed on the property tax bills for repayment, payoff amounts may be adjusted to include interest or current year property taxes due.

Once the assessment is paid in full, mPOWER files a Notice of Cancellation with the County’s Clerk-Recorder, removing the lien from the property. Both installments of property taxes may be required to be paid prior to the mPOWER lien being removed from the property, depending on the payoff date.

mPOWER Assessment Paydown

mPOWER has no prepayment penalties. Property owners can pay down their assessment, at any time.  If you would like to pay down your mPOWER assessment, please email mPOWER for instructions at

Selling your Home?

Let your Real Estate agent know of the mPOWER assessment and its related improvements. The Real Estate agent may market the home to highlight the new energy efficient improvements, pricing the property to reflect the remaining balance of the mPOWER assessment.  Your Real Estate agent can contact mPOWER for specific details of the improvement and its related energy savings.

You are required by law to disclose the terms of the assessment lien to any potential buyers. Since mPOWER financing is an assessment against the property, and not the property owner, the assessment may stay with the property until paid in full. However, most lenders are currently requiring the assessment to be paid off in the event of a sale or refinance. For more information or assistance, contact mPOWER at (916) 758-8959 or email us at

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The mPOWER program has funded more than $101 million in energy efficiency and water conservation improvements since its creation in 2010. It served its mission well to save money, conserve energy and create jobs. Unfortunately, recent legislative, regulatory, and market changes have reduced the demand for this type of financing option. Solar and other energy efficiency projects continue to be installed, but other financing options are being used. After serious consideration, the Pioneer Board determined winding down and ending the program was the appropriate next step.

On June 17, 2021 the Pioneer Community Energy Board voted to wind down the mPOWER program.

As of August 31, 2021, the mPOWER program is no longer accepting applications for financing. While the program is closed to new applications, customers will still be able to make payoffs and paydowns, and they will continue to have access to customer service support. Applications received before August 31, 2021, will still be processed.

It has been a honor and pleasure serving all of the mPOWER communities.