The mPOWER Annual Payment Estimate Calculator will provide an estimated annual payback amount based on a project cost, showing various repayment terms (5, 10, 15, or 20 year payback period) for comparison.

After receipt of a complete application, an mPOWER Program Specialist will provide a more detailed estimate. At contract signing, applicants receive final payment schedules.

For an estimate, select:

Annual Payment Estimate Calculator

Energy Star Building Upgrade Value Calculator

EPA’s Building Upgrade Value Calculator allows commercial real estate owners and managers to analyze the financial value of capital investments in energy efficiency upgrades to their buildings. The link Building Upgrade Value Calculator will download an Excel worksheet.

For the fee schedule:
Fee Schedule

mPOWER program specialists are available to answer your questions. Please contact mPOWER for more information at:

2510 Warren Drive, Suite B
Rocklin CA 95677
Phone: (877) 396-7693
Local: (916) 758-8969

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