Fee Schedule

Recording Fee i $64 (minimum)
Multiple Disbursement Fee per Interim Disbursement $150
Title Costs:
Residential title search. $155
Commercial title search. Contact mPOWER for an estimate. TBD
Residential Processing Fee iii $500*
Non-Residential Processing Fee iv $1,300*
Annual Assessment Fee $25
Recording fees upon release of lien (depending on county) $20-$34

i The actual recording fee will depend on the total number of pages included in the final recorded documents. The amount set is determined by legislation and the County Recorder’s Office.

ii Improvements not requiring a Building Permit from the local jurisdiction will be inspected by qualified mPOWER staff.

iii One-time fee will be added to the contract amount at the time of disbursement of funds.

iv Building Permit Fees are charged by the local jurisdiction.

For more information, please contact:
2976 Richardson Drive
Auburn, CA 95603
(Treasurer/Tax Collector Office)
Phone: (530) 889-4174
Fax: (530) 889-4100
Email: mpower@placer.ca.gov

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