Residential Improvements

Save money while improving the comfort of your home

Energy efficiency upgrades and water conservation measures can save a homeowner money while improving home comfort.

Where to Start!

There are many ways to improve the efficiency of your home — new efficient windows, cool roof and lighting — to name just a few. Here are several resources to help you develop the perfect energy efficiency improvement plan for your home.

Additional Resources

For rebate and incentive programs, visit the Rebates page

A Note About Solar – Reduce Before You Produce!

Generating solar power is an excellent way to reduce utility costs. Leverage what solar offers by making the home as efficient as possible first. An efficient home requires a smaller solar system to generate power, which means the system will:

  • cost less
  • be paid off more quickly
  • have a faster return on investment

Additional Solar Resources

Going solar in Roseville: What you need to know
PG&E and Net Metering: Frequently asked questions about net metering, what it means and how it works.
Solar Tax Credit: The IRS has information on the residential solar tax credit and how to claim it.

Before, during and after a drought – What residents can do!

Water improvements can be included with other energy efficiency and solar measures. Over 25% of all applications received include multiple improvements. mPOWER is committed to helping its customers save water and money during a drought and beyond.

  • Replace old irrigation systems with high efficiency spray nozzles and low volume drip systems
  • Install weather-based or smart irrigation controllers
  • Replace older inefficient water fixtures and toilets with high efficiency low flow fixtures
  • Install a new technology hot water delivery system
  • Replace conventional landscaping with  pavers
  • Install other custom measures that can demonstrate water savings

Visit the Glossary of Improvements for definitions select terms and concepts.

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