Property Owners

The U.S. Energy Information Administration advises that energy costs may increase an additional 68% over the next 20 years. What should a property owner do?

Reduce your residential, commercial, industrial or agricultural property’s energy use, today!

Energy and water conservation improvements are an investment! There are a number of improvements eligible for residential and non-residential properties.

mPOWER – A partner in energy savings!

With mPOWER financing, property owners can finance those improvements with no out-of-pocket costs, and then repay it through the property’s tax bill. mPOWER also partners with all five of the regional energy providers to save commercial property owners money through energy audits, rebates and incentives.

If you are a business owner and a PG&E customer, check out the Sierra Business Council for the Energy Watch Tune-up, which offers a free, comprehensive energy assessment and connects businesses with other energy saving opportunities such as lighting and refrigeration upgrades.

 Residential Energy Audits:

The California Home Energy Rating System (HERS) Program can help homeowners choose smart energy upgrades and investments that will save energy costs, improve home comfort, increase home values, and help protect the environment. Visit CalCERTS: An Introduction to Home Energy Rating Systems to learn more.

Business Energy Audits:

For rebate and incentive programs, visit the Rebates page

Qualified Contractors:

Tax Incentives:

Your improvements may qualify for energy investment tax credits and accelerated depreciation. Contact a tax professional for information about qualifying incentives.

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